Catholic healthcare for Cairns

Catholic healthcare for Cairns

Dr Tim and Anne Coyle

Through your columns I would like to make an appeal to the Sisters of Mercy and the Little Company of Mary to build or take over an existing procedural health facility in the city of Cairns. Cairns Catholics at present have to endure nearly all surgical procedures at operating facilities "soaked" in the blood of unborn babies, albeit cleaned off.

The Calvary Catholic hospital was sold some years ago and is now under secular ownership, procedures there reflecting secular ethics. The Cairns abortionist uses the facilities of the City private day surgery.

Cairns is desperately in need of a Catholic medical procedural facility. The Sisters of Mercy currently have aged care health facilities in Cairns, The Holy Spirit Aged Care facilities. Because of the infinitely long procedural waiting lists in Cairns and unavailability of hospital beds, an opportunity does now exist for a Catholic procedural health facility to be built in Cairns. If circumstances insist that this might be in the long term, perhaps anticipatory funds could be set aside now. I have lived here for 31 years so 10 years is not long in that perspective.

Woree, Qld

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