Catholic education

Catholic education

Geoff Storey

Congratulations on publishing the magnificent article titled "A young Catholic's encounter with Latin" (March AD2000). I was particularly impressed by the articulation of a then 17-year-old student with regard to Catholic culture and liturgy.

Chavagnes International College in France, by forming our youth in the manner in which the article describes, should be complimented and supported. It sounds as though they are setting the standard as to what Catholic education should be aspiring towards including encouraging an appreciation of the beauty of the Latin language and liturgy.

The good work that this college is doing provides food for thought when one considers that it is not so long ago that Catholic education used to routinely create the environment that is described.

Alexander Morrison's article has certainly prompted the curiosity of many AD2000 readers like myself who are concerned about their sons' (and grandsons') Catholic education. I would not be surprised if more than a few Australian families turn their gaze to France as they think of their children's future. We certainly are!

Could AD2000 please provide more information about this and similar schools?

Hillarys WA

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