Catholic education (letter)

Catholic education (letter)

Daniel Bryce

What a contradiction! AD2000 (October 2000) reports that in Dominus Iesus "full revelation of divine truth" comes through Jesus Christ and his Church. Yet your correspondent Gregory Kingman describes something different in what has happened to him in Catholic education.

I worked for over 20 years in the system myself. I worked myself to a state of total exhaustion and lost my job. I was not able to obtain any type of work for ten years after that.

But I believe God did me a favour. I did all those religious things that make one a "Catholic." I left a job in industry and studied, at my own expense, for six-and-a-half years to become a teacher in the Catholic system. But where did all the effort get me? Absolutely nowhere! It was expensive, mentally, physically and emotionally draining and a burden on my family life.

After my exit from the system God, I believe, began showing me things about my efforts.

My whole life had been centred around the Church, theologies, doctrines and "Catholic" principles. The teaching degree, diploma, certificates, methods and ideologies in which I was so engrossed were only idols.

During the whole time of my sickness and the period following my departure from the Catholic system, not one Catholic came to visit me. But I was fortunate to have two God- centred Uniting Church women minister to me. They pointed out that God wants a personal relationship with Himself. I than prayed that Jesus would come into my heart and renounced all those idols in my life.

I am pleased to say that I have never felt better in my relationship with God. I still have problems, but I know God is there to support me.

Recently I was at a seminar dealing with deliverance and healing. When I explained that I had been unemployed for ten years, the leader of my group said that I had had a curse placed on my life. She prayed against that curse. Five days after that seminar, a principal from a Christian College asked me if I was looking for a teaching position and would I be interested in working there.

Gregory should be thankful that he is not working in the Catholic education system. Look to God for your solution Gregory and then you will be as blessed as I have been.

Traralgon, Vic

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