Casual trend

Casual trend

Gina Voskulen

I think Cathy Cleary (July AD2000) has missed the point of Bruce Dawe's poem on "Come As You Are". He's not so much criticising young people's clothes as making a comment on the casual trend of worship today.

Many of us are saddened by the lack of respect, awe and reverence that is so apparent in our modern churches.

Some modern hymns are theologically quite unsound. In "Come As You Are" the line "love sets no limits" simply isn't true, because all loving parents know that they must set some limits.

Our heavenly Father certainly does, but people think that this is just the Church imposing rules. God always loves us and is ready to forgive us, but He wants our sincere repentance.

As a person who loves those majestic, inspiring and stirring old hymns, I find most of the modern ones extremely shallow and meaningless. They don't bring young people to Mass; nor does insisting on modest clothing keep them away.

For those of you who are concerned about churches where this younger generation is missing, all is not lost. There is a growing number of them seeking out Masses where traditional reverence is not out of fashion, and where the teaching is sound. There is a renewed interest in the Rosary, in Benediction and Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.

I suspect it is "New Church", where "anything goes", which is the one that is failing to appeal.

Tarlee, SA

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