P.W. English

I have been a strong supporter of Caritas over the years so I am dismayed to find out that it is a member of the Climate Action Network. This Network was formed in 1998 to be the Australian branch of the Global Action network and is a radical green group dedicated to fighting climate change. At the present time they are running a campaign to stop the coal exports from Australia.

I always thought that Caritas was formed to help the poor people of the world improve their standard of living. Therefore to learn that they are contributing some of my money to a group "fighting" climate change is devastating. Climate change has always been with us and will continue into the future. Any action to "control" our climate will prove ultimately futile.

As far as Caritas is concerned I will not contribute any more money to them unless they get back to their core business of being a charitable organisation.

Malanda, Qld

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