Lance Eccles

P.W. English's letter on Caritas and climate change (July AD2000) caused me to stop and think. Like him, I have been a strong supporter of Caritas for a number of years, believing that money donated to the organisation is not wasted on frivolities, but gets aid to the people who need it.

Now I have checked their Australian website, and I discover that they do indeed concern themselves with climate change. There is even a cliché-ridden "Prayer for a Just Climate" (whatever a "just climate" might be).

If their concern simply means that they assist communities to prepare for and deal with flood and drought, then that is a good thing. But if it means that they take part in green political activism, destroying industries and depriving people of employment, then that is something else again.

I notice on the website (that is, not the Australian site) that sixty members of Caritas attended the recent Rio+20 Conference, "proudly displaying their Caritas Rio+20 bandanas".

Were they there to ensure that the Conference did not promote the agenda of the international pro-abortion movement? Apparently not: "The delegation emphasised that ... much still remains to be done for governments to embrace the green economy...".

I hope none of the sixty were Australian, and I hope that no Australian donations were diverted to fund this extravagance.

Goulburn, NSW

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