Canadian Lectionary

Canadian Lectionary

Matt Walton

Why are we going head over heels to formally institute the 1991 Canadian Lectionary, as indicated by current practice, by the Holy See's recognitio and by ICPEL's interest? (December-January AD2000). This Lectionary was developed by the Canadian Bishops' Conference.

To call the Canadian Lectionary 'modified' is a genteel term for a massive deconstruction of the Holy Scripture for it sets out to change the mind, nature and constitution of the Church, primarily by desacralising and emasculating the Word of God.

Do we really have to live with this parallel Church that has developed within the Catholic Church?

The integrity and readability of language is not necessarily improved by modernising and secularising. The standard pre-l990 versions of the Lectionary tended to carry a rhythm, power and beauty that subsequent 'inclusive' translations have largely failed to achieve.

We have inherited from St Jerome, from St Paul, and from the Apostles and Evangelists an inherent right to hear the Word of God in the fullness of its integrity. By present indications, the English-speaking Bishops Conferences risk instituting a Lectionary which will paradoxically be unacceptable to much of the Catholic Church.

Take a leaf from St Jerome, get it right this time or the faithful will have to devise their own local solutions, as I have already seen in evidence.

Palmerston North, New Zealand

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