Call to holiness (letter)

Call to holiness (letter)

Mark Calleja

I was edified to read the article "St Francis and the universal call to holiness" (November AD2000) by Fr Sebastian Camilleri OFM. As usual he was spot on in putting across the authentic evangelical message.

I agree with him that on God's part there is no preference in granting His grace to those who ask for it. Jesus Christ died for us all and all of us are called to reap his infinite redemptive merits in order to gain eternal salvation. But we ought to strive our best to warrant heaven.

In following Jesus, we experience a special inner joy and feel fulfilled. However, while God is a forgiving Father, Jesus warns us that if we wish to be saved we must keep God's commandments - we surely cannot have it both ways! Father Camilleri explains this point very well.

I am sure his valuable contributions in AD2000 encourage many people of faith to strive harder to ensure their eternal salvation.

Heidelberg, Vic

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