C.S. Lewis Seminar - Sat 17 Sept 2005 2pm-9pm

C.S. Lewis Seminar - Sat 17 Sept 2005 2pm-9pm

(includes evening meal)

The seminar will focus on the life and works of popular Christian author and novelist, C.S. Lewis (1898-1963).

Topics covered will range from Lewis's fantasy fiction to his Christian apologetics, and will include such subjects as the problem of pain and the theology of the body.

Speakers at the seminar will include: Msgr Peter J. Elliott, Rev Dr Adam G. Cooper, Rev Fraser Pearce, Anna Krohn, Patrick J. Byrne, Bill Muehlenberg, John Ballantyne, and others.

The location is the Thomas More Centre, 582 Queensberry Street, (cnr Curzon Street), North Melbourne, Vic 3051.

Cost is just $10 per head, which includes a hot evening meal.

RSVP: Gabrielle Walsh (by September 14, 2005) on (03) 9326 5757, email freedom@connexus.net.au

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