Buddha in church (letter)

Buddha in church (letter)

E. Makaus

The presence of a statue of Buddha in front of the altar in a Catholic church (Richard Stokes, July AD2000), coupled with a choir under the banner of homosexuality, is indeed reprehensible and surely calls for strong episcopal action.

Buddhist literature asserts that 'there is a fundamental incompatibility between the notion of God and the basic Buddha principles' and that 'the existence of God is incompatible with Buddha's teachings.'

What then is the meaning of Buddha's statue in front of a Catholic altar? Is it mere ignorance or rather a wilful profanation of the sacred? Whatever the case, such a statue does not belong in a Catholic place of worship.

In this regard, one recalls the passages of Sacred Scripture about 'the desolating sacrilege ... standing in the holy place' (Matt. 24:15) and 'the desolating sacrilege set up where it ought not to be' (Mark 13:14).

During the time of Noah, the sins of mankind called for the Great Flood. Could it be that the wickedness of the modern generations - as noted above - is calling for some similar climatic catastrophe? The Lord said through the prophet, 'the earth will become a desert because of the wickedness of those who live on it' (Micah 7:13).

Will we ever learn?

East Malvern, Vic

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