Buddha in church in South Brisbane

Buddha in church in South Brisbane

Richard Stokes

Readers of this journal will find this quite incredible, but, at the time of writing, a statue of Buddha is back in front of the altar at St Mary's Church, South Brisbane, after being previously removed from this position by concerned parishioners.

We arrived at the church early on a recent morning, and there he was, in his old location, in front of the altar. Now, when we kneel to Christ, we are kneeling to Buddha at the same time.

One of our daily Massgoers, a Vietnamese woman named Thuy, had left a note for the priests, after the statue had first appeared, to the effect that kneeling to Buddha is idolatry.

We subsequently found a reply in the sacristy, urging tolerance. I have taken pictures of this note, as well as the Buddha before the altar.

Tolerance is all well and good, but there are some things we should never tolerate, and these include idolatry.

We moved the statue again, over to a table near the altar. One of our daily Massgoers has already rung the Archbishop who indicated he would look into the matter.

Meanwhile 'toleration' continues to thrive at this church which is the headquarters of the Gay and Lesbian choir, with their meetings scheduled in parish notices.

Morayfield, Qld

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