Brisbane Synod (letter)

Brisbane Synod (letter)

Neville Davis

I refer briefly to I.F. Nolan's letter (November AD2000) concerning the Brisbane Synod. I think that Archbishop Bathersby has already headed off the dissident fringe, tactfully and adroitly, by pointing out publicly that some of the submissions received are beyond the scope of the local church.

May I also refer to Michael Starr's letter (same issue). I agree heartily with the first part regarding "Christian and Catholic" but respond differently to the second. Rather too many years ago I was baptised into the "Holy Roman Catholic Church". Now, with bishops ignoring the Statement of Conclusions they signed, and priests reportedly not objecting to the idea of an independent Australian Church, I am staying "Roman". For me it is "Rome or the Bush".

Cleveland Point, Qld

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