Brisbane Archbishop bans weekday Latin Mass (letter)

Brisbane Archbishop bans weekday Latin Mass (letter)

Tom King

In your June edition, you published my very favourable observations concerning the Latin Mass fraternity at St Luke's Church, Buranda, Brisbane.

Among my concluding remarks were the words: "We can but pray that some sanity has returned."

Sadly, my optimism has proven to be unfounded. At the last Sunday Mass celebrated in May, the priest celebrant was obliged to advise the packed congregation that the Archbishop of Brisbane had instructed that in future, "No Latin Mass is to be conducted at the church on any week day. Sunday celebrations remain approved."

The Archbishop has not indicated whether any latitude is extended to feast days or holy days of obligation that occur on weekdays.

The most visible signs of distress at the announcement came from dozens of mothers who not only attend Sunday Mass with their children but also flock to the First Friday Mass.

I can but wonder what would motivate an Archbishop to further alienate members of his neglected and diminishing flock.

Elanora, Qld

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