Breath of hope

Breath of hope

Terry and Rosemary McDonnell

I was pleased to read in recent editions of AD2000 about Cardinal Pell and Archbishop Hickey taking serious action as well as the article by Marcel White. What brave people to be finally doing what we all should have been doing for a long time now.

People have felt so helpless even to the point of hopelessness when appealing for the protection of innocent lives. They felt so distant from the mainstream, calling out to deaf ears.

It has been a war of attrition slowly wearing the good voices down to the point of futility. I had imagined that Margaret Tighe was the only one soldiering on when of course there are many others.

Now we have this breath of hope from the above-mentioned three. I cannot help but admire their courage, particularly that of the youngest one Marcel White. What a saint, what a brave heart, what a wise one. Out of the mouths of babes so to speak, and a convert too, saying all the things we should have been crying from the roof tops for so long.

On a personal note, St Thomas More had a daughter named Margaret and I have the good fortune to know and have worked with one of his and Margaret's descendants, Clement Robin Woodbine Parish 'Called Robin' (of Walcott Hall, Shropshire, England), who was a devout Anglican even at the age of 25 when I worked with him (he is now over fifty). He was in the habit of always putting God first and intent on living a good Christian life. He and wife Lucinda have four young children, Arthur, George, Nancy and Edward.

Yarloop, WA

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