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The Teachings of the Church Fathers
John R. Willis SJ
First published in 1966, this remains the best guide for non-specialists to the beliefs of the early Christians, arranged thematically under 250 topics. It shows that Catholic doctrines were in place from the earliest centuries of Christianity.
496 pages * Softcover * $39.95

Mother Teresa: Come Be My Light
Edited by Fr Brian Kolodiejchuk MC
This book brings together letters Mother Teresa wrote to her spiritual advisors over decades providing a moving chronicle of her spiritual journey, including her times of desolation.
404 pages * Hardback * $45.90

The Evidential Power of Beauty
Thomas Dubay SM
Fr Dubay provides an account for the non-specialist reader of the theology of beauty, uniting modern science, Christian theology and daily experience. As Keats said, 'Beauty is truth, truth is beauty.'
365 pages * Softcover * $29.95

Celibacy in the Early Church
Stefan Heid
'Stefan Heid shows with strong, conclusive arguments that clerical continence was a requirement for bishops, priests and deacons from apostolic times. His arguments for a celibate clergy are convincing and irrefutable' (Fr Kenneth Baker SJ).
376 pages * Softcover * $39.95

Crossing the Threshold of Hope
John Paul II
Available again, this best-seller goes to the heart of the late John Paul II's personal beliefs on the existence of God, the dignity of man, pain, suffering and evil, eternal life and relations between Catholicism and other faiths.
244 pages * Softcover * $29.90

Inklings of Heaven
Sean Connolly
The works of C.S. Lewis are filled with the sense of another world, a deeper reality than we can begin to comprehend. Here Sean Connolly brings together the threads of Lewis's thought, his combination of reason and imagination.
310 pages * Softcover * $49.90

Miracles of John Paul II
Pawet Zuchniewicz
The author, who is a prominent Polish journalist, commentator and author, provides a compelling account of the power of prayer and of the miracles believed to have occurred through the intervention of John Paul II
194 pages * Hardback * $39.95

In the Light of Christ
Lucy Beckett
Lucy Beckett illuminates some of the finest writings in the Western tradition guiding us in discovering in them the Christian vision of God. Included are the poems, plays, essays, letters and diaries of writers like Sophocles, Plato, Augustine, Dante, Shapespeare, Dostoyevsky and John Paul II.
648 pages * Softcover * $43.90

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