Body and soul

Body and soul

Elsie Cunningham

Soon the pro-abortion lobby will introduce and vote for a bill in the Victorian State Parliament for the legalisation (or as they say, the decriminalisation) of abortion. They try to convince themselves and us, that the unborn are not living persons, but that life begins at birth, as if the first breath of air gives life, instead of giving an already living organism what it requires for further development beyond the womb.

The foetus is not a potential human being, but a human being with the potential to develop further, according to its proper nature and nurture as a person of body and soul. If abortion is not murder of a person in its earliest stage of development, all science, medical and biology books will have to be rewritten. Even a new dictionary of meanings of words must be published, not to mention revision of statutes and sentences within the justice system.

The Nazis put millions to death because they persuaded themselves that Jews were non-persons. If this modern world does not face the age-old truth about abortion, mayhem, murder and madness will triumph in a new holocaust.

Removed from control by law, abortion becomes just a medical procedure within the health system, but it is ever the ultimate offence against human nature, which was shared with us by the Son of God, as Christ, over two thousand years ago.

It seems so many today no longer believe in an immortal soul as the form of life principle of each human being whose body needs a soul, just as a soul needs a body in which to live on this earth.

Lake Wendouree, Vic

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