Blessed Mary MacKillop Colleges: 2009 enrolments (Jindera, Wagga Wagga)

Blessed Mary MacKillop Colleges: 2009 enrolments (Jindera, Wagga Wagga)

The Blessed Mary MacKillop Colleges (see earlier reports in AD2000 below), located in Jindera, Wagga Wagga Diocese, are inviting 2009 enrolments for grades K to 8.

'The decision to open the school was to provide an alternative for the many Catholic parents who have expressed a desire for a greater emphasis on traditional education in Catholic faith and virtues,' said Blessed Mary MacKillop spokesman and science teacher, Mark Mannering, who can be contacted for further information on (02)6041-2711.

Character formation and promotion of the Christian virtues are key values the school will promote in order to complement the role parents play in providing Catholic faith education.

Academically, the English program will use the 'Intensive phonics approach to reading' for primary school, while focusing on literature study of Christian classics in senior years.

With its emphasis on the lives of the saints as role models and a religious education based on the Catechism of the Catholic Church, Blessed Mary MacKillop Colleges offer a traditional approach to teaching the Catholic faith.

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