Bishop sees hope for Egypt's Christians

Bishop sees hope for Egypt's Christians

Bishop Adel Zaky, Vicar Apostolic of Alexandria, has welcomed the election of Abdel Fattah El Sisi as Eqypt's new president, saying his leadership will benefit both Christians and Muslims.

"His election gives all Egyptians, Muslims and Christians, cause for hope," the Bishop told Aid to the Church in Need on 30 May.

"His victory gives us Christians security and a perspective for the future. Better times are coming."

Many Christians had voiced concern about their fate under the Muslim Brotherhood and the previous constitution.

Bishop Zaky said that the new president does not distinguish between Christians and Muslims.

"He is a religious person, but he sees religion as a private matter. His prime concern is his country. He demonstrated this when he saved Egypt from an impending civil war last year."

Bishop Zaky called on the new president to implement Egypt's revised constitution, which was adopted in a January 2014 referendum boycotted by supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood.

The bishop called the constitution "a carefully formulated document" that, if properly applied, will serve the needs of "all sections of Egyptian society", including women, workers, Christians, and Muslims.

Most Catholics in Egypt belong to the Coptic rite, and most Christians are Coptic Orthodox. Christians compose about 10 per cent of Egypt's population.

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