Maureen Federico

The recent political debate on the abortion drug RU486, along with the attacks on Tony Abbott's religious beliefs, should be a wake-up call that anti-Catholic bigotry is alive and kicking in some political circles and the major media.

A political hooligan, a woman I believe is associated with the Greens, wore a T-shirt with the words "keep your rosaries off our ovaries". No doubt she thought this quite smart, if being obscene is considered smart. As I proudly possess both ovaries and rosaries, it was a real insult to a woman's body and her spiritual beliefs, which apparently the current reigning feminists, along with their anti-man and anti-child policies, think is "open go".

This could be so, as some Catholics in public life who are given media attention are of the "coulda' been baptised or educated" variety, and having long eschewed that religion now speak with the same authority as the Pope himself, when they drag out from the bottom of the closet a moth-eaten old "Catholic" hat saying, "I am a Catholic, but ...".

And so it follows, with their pro-abortion compliance, same sex "marriages", women priests and any other anomalies they can think up. Well Old Nick can have a laugh and so can the rest of us as the next generation, who will wholeheartedly embrace the faith, are pretty savvy to fakes.

My unreserved congratulations go to Health Minister Tony Abbott, a real political hero in this messy, ugly affair of RU486, which will itself prove to be both messy and ugly. To my mind the T-shirt wearer was guilty of religious vilification and we should bear in mind that the Greens could be considered an anti-Catholic Party. It is now up to them to state their policies, loud and clear, on religious bigotry.

Frankston, Vic

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