Bible and Church (letter)

Bible and Church (letter)

Frank Bellet

I often see advocates in TV interviews claiming Christ was never quoted in the Gospels as saying anything about homosexual behaviour, as if that is the last word on the subject.

Apart from the fact that he never said anything about wife-bashing or the importance of the trains running on time, he must have spoken to his apostles on many occasions during his three year ministry, without all that ministry being recorded in the Gospels.

Ignoring the tradition in the Catholic Church, these people talk as if the Church came out of the Bible, instead of the other way round.

It reminds me of a close and precious relative, who owns a large medical book. She often refers to it and quotes passages; but that doesn't qualify her to do brain surgery.

A medical doctor learns through a mixture of study and practice. And so the Catholic Church works along similar lines.

Petrie, Qld

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