Beyond 2000? (letter)

Beyond 2000? (letter)

Mrs Peg Santamaria

Thank you for publishing the article by Mr Mark Power in the June AD2000. He is to be congratulated.

Mr Power has some points to be argued, but on the whole it is a good article. My heart bleeds for these young people - but I think of all the religious brothers and nuns who were looked down upon and ignored. They were not allowed to teach the Faith.

The whole Catholic population needs to rethink and act. Our fight against Satan must be a top priority.

I would like to suggest that you and your staff consider making some adjustments to the present title of your magazine.

As it is now two years past 2000 and Bob Santamaria is no longer with us, it might be the right thing to move on, with Bob's help from Heaven, and make the religious opinion more profound.

A simple change like "AD2000 & Beyond" might be all that is necessary.

Strathmore, Vic

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