Benedict XVI in the UK

Benedict XVI in the UK

Arnold Jago

When Pope Benedict XVI arrived in Britain recently, some predicted that he would meet with nothing but protests, small crowds and empty stadiums. But the reverse happened with huge crowds turning out.

Pope Benedict 's talks confronted many controversial topics that the critics had predicted he would avoid. This earned him a lot of respect. His enemies more or less gave up and the protests more or less fizzled out.

When about to leave, the Pope made an interesting observation - that the British "have a thirst for Christianity ".

What about Australia?

In July 2005, Pope Benedict told a gathering of priests that in Western nations the Church "appears to be dying" and that this was true ... "above all of Australia" ( L'Osservatore Romano, 27 July 2005).

Is it still true?

Those of us who are Australian Catholics should pray hard for God's Kingdom to come on earth - especially in Australia. And that God will make us proud to be Catholics, real Catholics, not fifty-fifty.

Mildura, Vic

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