Behaviour at Mass (letter)

Behaviour at Mass (letter)

Michael Ryan

That was a wonderful article by Matthew Greene, "Whatever happened to reverence at Mass?", (April AD2000). Many "mature age" Catholics seem to have forgotten all that they were taught by their parents and by priests, nuns and brothers when they were young. And many Catholic schoolchildren and young people who were recently at school seem to be abysmally ignorant of what is meant by "the Real Presence of Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament".

The behaviour mentioned by Mr Greene, e.g., a staff member at a Catholic university sitting in front of the tabernacle and drinking a can of soft drink, did not shock me. Many years back, at a leading Catholic college in Sydney, my wife and I attended a late afternoon Mass in the college chapel. During the Mass, a Jesuit priest entered with a cup of coffee in his hand, sat down casually and drank it while Mass proceeded. It is not likely that any of the boys in his care would have learned to behave reverently in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament.

Let us hope that it is not too late to retrieve the situation. A really concerted effort by our clergy, parents and teachers is called for.

Rosanna, Vic

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