BEC success stories (letter)

BEC success stories (letter)

Errol P. Duke

I wish to reassure Australian readers of AD2000 that Archbishop Leonard Faulkner must be strongly defended in the BEC concept, hopes, aims and directives here in Adelaide.

Having been involved in its initiation "at grass-root levels," I can assure you that its aims have been totally in tune with Vatican II and Pope John Paul II's wishes, that it will lead to many strayed/careless Catholics returning to active parish life - and, especially, the Sunday Eucharist.

Many wonderful success stories are well documented here and I have been a personal witness to some of them.

People, such as Cathy Whewill, in its "co-ordination", deserve much praise and future encouragement towards reaching out to those whose faith needs regeneration.

Michael Gilchrist's article, on this occasion, perhaps gave the vibes of being too much of an opportunity for dissenters finding a further "rationalisation" for the promotion of a "priestless parish" agenda - or whatever.

However, in true balance, this "window of opportunity" is also being exploited - in some minority cases also - within the four walls of the Church itself.

Rest assured that the BEC "street-walking" here in Adelaide is producing many positive fruits - and, if run correctly, should be a real priority for all parishes in Australia, and around the world.

Elizabeth East, SA

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