Basic differences to overcome

Basic differences to overcome

Dr Arnold Jago

After the Pope and Bishop Fellay of the Society of Saint Pius X (SSPX) met on 29 August 2005, Father Schmidberger, who accompanied Bishop Fellay, issued a statement.

Reconciliation between Rome and the SSPX will, he said, take "years rather than months", and will depend on agreement concerning the Second Vatican Council.

* Traditional Catholics cannot accept the Council's teaching that the Holy Ghost uses other denominations as means of salvation;

* or its teachings about non-Christian religions and "religious liberty";

* or, worse even, the Council document Gaudium et Spes, which says "all things on earth should be ordained to man as to their centre and summit" (para 12).

But the centre and summit of all things is God.

The SSPX opposes these teachings because they believe they contradict what the Church, through earlier Popes, always taught.

These differences are basic - not just a few minor things that need working out.

Mildura, Vic

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