Baptism formula

Baptism formula

Franklin J. Wood

Earlier this year a parish in South Brisbane earned notoriety for having to be told by Rome that its formula for Baptism - 'The Creator, the Redeemer and the Sanctifier' - was invalid.

I read in two Catholic magazines published three years ago that the same parish earned the same notoriety for the same irregular practice of Baptism, having been performing those 'Baptisms' for over ten years.

That invalid formula in fact violates Church teaching on the Holy Trinity since it implies that each of the three persons of the Holy Trinity works for the people of the world totally independently. That of course is a heresy.

When that parish gained notoriety this year, a self-styled theological commentator stated publicly regarding the instruction from Rome that the traditional formula for Baptism consisted of 'just words'.

In fact some Bibles publish the traditional formula for Baptism in Ferrari red. This is because they were taught by Our Lord Jesus Christ - which is good enough for our Orthodox brethren, as well as the Anglican, Uniting and Lutheran churches, but apparently not for the South Brisbane parish.

North Rockhampton, Qld

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