Australia's Patroness? (letter)

Australia's Patroness? (letter)

Rev W.J. Robley Adm

Mary Help of Christians has been our Patroness, the Patroness of Australia, for 150 years, since 1844 to be precise, and has been honoured by Australian Catholics, proudly, all that time.

But, in the (Sydney) Catholic Weekly of 2 May 2001, she is referred to as "Mary, Help of Christians, Patron Saint of Australia." This is in reference to the re-dedication of Australia to her under this new title on 24 May 2001 in this Federation year.

Mary, Queen of Angels, Queen of all Saints, Queen of Peace, Queen of Families (Litany of Loreto), is now placed over Australia as - Patron Saint.

How did this happen? How could it come about? I suspect that the bishops of Australia have been conned by the Liturgical Commission in Brisbane, feminists and the purveyors of inclusive language. They say "Queen" is inappropriate, so, let us do away with the title as well as the Sceptre (see the official version of the picture); so, not Queen, but patron - certainly not Patroness - but simply Saint.

How can our bishops do this to us? Catholics of Australia, you who love Mary under her venerable title, stand up and object! Write to your individual bishop and to the Bishops Conference and voice your outrage.

Let us all dedicate ourselves to her as Patroness of Australia. Do not let our Australian Catholic heritage be taken away from us by a small minority of dissidents.

Sylvania, NSW

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