Fr Bernard McGrath

We might wonder why atheism, under the guises of feminism, secularism, materialism, naturalism, etc, attracts so many today, because it cannot survive commonsense analysis.

Human experience is full of the awareness of the reality of purpose and design in this world, which cannot be explained simply by saying that all that exists is random matter in motion with no final purpose (evolution theory).

Human experience also shows that the human mind is essentially different from all other material things because it can understand universal ideas that are independent of time and space like truth, beauty, goodness, justice, loyalty, compassion, forgiveness, etc. We know things both seen and unseen.

The obvious conclusion is that the human mind and soul are immaterial. They can reflect back upon themselves when they know that they know, and we can all reason with each other. No other material things in time and space can do that. (Animals can communicate by basic instincts only).

The driving force behind atheist thinking is not rational argument but the wilfulness to believe there is no God, or any transcendent law. Atheists believe what they want to believe.

Because, if there is no Creator God, the First Mover of all things (now called in science "Intelligent Designer") then there is no purpose to the world (a dead end), no immortality of the soul (we die like animals), no natural moral law (we live by instinct like animals), and no final judgment or accountability for how we live our lives.

In effect, this makes humans their own little gods with their own little realities, not morally accountable to anyone for what they think or do, especially regarding strong passions like greed, sex, anger and aggression.

Purpose in this world means intelligence, which means God, and atheists hate that idea.

No wonder our social fabric is in rapid decay. We are producing barbarians who use modern technology (the hard work of others) to multiply and facilitate their evil desires and behaviour.

We might be rich in material progress but there is a dire poverty of spirit, of self-control and respect for law and order. For this there will be hell to pay, unless there is a return to the truth and the natural law of our Creator God and Father.

Bendigo, Vic

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