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Three to get married

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 Contents - Nov 2013AD2000 November 2013 - Buy a copy now
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Reflection: Bishop Anthony Fisher: Do you want to be a saint? - Bishop Anthony Fisher

The article by Anne Lastman in the September issue ("A covenant: essence of true marriage") should be compulsory reading for every young couple as they prepare for their wedding. It reminded me of a book my bride-to-be and I were given by a priest who was also a family friend.

If I remember correctly (after more than half a century!) it was entitled Three To Get Married, and was a thought-provoking (and uplifting) reminder of God's presence - and participation- when we made our marriage vows at the altar.

We had the wonderful privilege of a Nuptial Mass, and were very much aware that this was a Holy Covenant, in which we pledged our everlasting love in the presence of the Almighty, and received His blessing. What a magnificent start to married life!

In the freewheeling modern era, it's very saddening to see, and read of, starry-eyed young couples being joined by a state-licensed "celebrant", usually in some glamorous setting, with little or no mention of God, and sanitised pledges of personal devotion (culminating in the sugary: "Now you may kiss the bride!")

If only they knew how much more inspiring, enriching and rewarding would be a real church wedding! At the altar of Our Lord, and in His presence - not on a tropical beach, or a garden, or some sentimental setting.

Mt Warren, Qld

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Reprinted from AD2000 Vol 26 No 10 (November 2013), p. 14

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