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Marriage simply is ...

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 Contents - Jul 2013AD2000 July 2013 - Buy a copy now
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One of the more profoundly disturbing features of the same-sex marriage debate is that we are having it at all and that ordinary standards seem to have degenerated to such an extent that a significant number of people have "bought the lie" that a homosexual union can somehow be equated with traditional marriage.

The unadulterated truth is that marriage is founded on the fact of our being male or female without which fact marriage would not have come into being in the first place. Without this fact marriage cannot exist either now or in the future, no matter what words our lawmakers choose to put into a civic law. The only way such a cosmic change can be brought about is, to use an analogy, for the Owner of the Intellectual Property Rights on Marriage to make it and so far as I am aware that change is not about to happen.

The absolute refusal of otherwise sensible people to accept the reality of traditional marriage perhaps explains why so many have capitulated so readily to the deceitfulness of the slogan "marriage equality."

Actually, the Commonwealth Marriage Act contains no discrimination whatsoever either on the grounds of sexual orientation or for that matter any other orientation. It simply differentiates between men and women; and that difference is the natural reality upon which marriage rests and which we, with all our angry foot-stamping, cannot change nor should we try.

What is being sought here is not "marriage equality" at all but special treatment for people who believe that the natural reality of traditional marriage should be changed to suit their own sexual orientation. Such a change can never happen no matter what words are inserted in the Marriage Act. Marriage is what it is and always will be.

Mordialloc, Vic

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Reprinted from AD2000 Vol 26 No 6 (July 2013), p. 16

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