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THE CASE FOR CHRISTIANITY: St Justin Martyr on Religious Liberty, Robert Haddad

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St Justin Martyr's Arguments for Religious Liberty and Judicial Justice
by Robert M. Haddad
(ConnorCourt, 2009, 205pp, $32.95, Available from Freedom Publishing. ISBN: 978-1-921421-23-5)

As the years and centuries go by since the time of Jesus and the beginnings of the Church he founded, it is interesting to note that times were similar in the first and second centuries to what they are today.

There were serious errors and problems then as there are today and God sent men and women of great holiness to address them just as he has in the past 20 or 30 years.

One great saint of the early Church who combated errors which confused Christians was the man we know today as St Justin, Martyr.

Justin had not been born a Christian. His parents were Greeks who lived in Samaritan territory. He studied philosophy at Ephesus, finally settling for the teachings of Plato. He held to this belief until it was finally undermined by an old man who converted him to Christianity. He taught first at Ephesus then later at Rome and was martyred for his faith around 165 AD.

The Case for Christianity has an imprimatur from Cardinal George Pell and treats in clear and scholarly detail St Justin's arguments for religious liberty and judicial justice.

Robert Haddad is well credentialled to handle this subject, with qualifications in law, theology and religious education and is author of the Christ the Teacher and Lord of History series.

Currently he is Director of the Confraternity of Christian Doctrine for the Archdiocese of Sydney and lectures part-time in Scripture and Church at the University of Notre Dame, Australia.

Although many centuries have passed since Saint Justin defended the teachings of Christ, our present time and its accompanying problems hold many similarities.

Robert Haddad writes in an accessible style which covers the problems faced by the early Christians and the situations which called for an explanation and justification of Church teachings.

The Case for Christianity covers the purpose of Justin's defence of the faith, the arguments he used and the assistance he offered to those seeking answers to those opposed to Christian belief.

Among the book's helpful features are a scholarly summary, a description of St Justin's martyrdom, extensive footnotes and a lengthy bibliography.

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Reprinted from AD2000 Vol 22 No 9 (October 2009), p. 17

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