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Experts? (letter)

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 Contents - Aug 2002AD2000 August 2002 - Buy a copy now
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AD2000 (July 2002) states in "The Church around the World", that one Thomas Groome, "widely quoted in Australian Catholic educational circles as a catechetics expert", has declared (among other gems), that "those who hope for a systemic overhaul of priestly ministry know that when celibacy is taken off the table, the same surely follows for women's ordination".

Now I don't profess to be an expert, but I do know, say, the difference between a square and a circle.

The Catholic Church already allows married priests in its Byzantine or Eastern Rites; it also allows married ministers who have converted from Anglicanism and wish to be ordained as Catholic priests to do so (subject to the usual requirements); and it would seem feasible that as part of an effort to eventually join in unity with the Orthodox Church(es), it might even allow priests of the "Latin" or Western Rite to marry.

This may be considered a "square".

The matter of the "ordination" of women, however, can be considered a "circle". It has nothing whatsover to do with the matter of Latin-Rite priestly celibacy.

The Papacy has formally and definitively declared that the Church has no authority whatsover from Christ to ordain women to the priesthood and that this is to be held to by all of the faithful. Definitive means "final, not subject to change", according to my dictionary.

The Vatican has stated that this ruling is irrevocable - theological "experts" or no theological "experts".

How anyone calling himself a Catholic cannot see the plain-as-your-nose difference between these two matters is beyond me.

As I have been asking for some 35 years now: Where do they get these people from? Why do "Australian Catholic educational circles" give these people credence? Where are the bishops?

Willetton, WA

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Reprinted from AD2000 Vol 15 No 7 (August 2002), p. 13

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