Archbishop Pell (letter)

Archbishop Pell (letter)

George Christensen

Labor leader Simon Crean recently called into question Catholic beliefs over Sydney Archbishop George Pell's reported comment that the focus on sexual abuse within the Church deterred focus on greater evils such as abortion.

Mr Crean's comments insinuated that this statement was wrong and reflected badly on Archbishop Pell.

It is the Catholic belief that what is termed as an embryo is human life. The fact is our society considers the destruction of human life a greater crime than sexual abuse, as is evidenced through our legal system. Logic then dictates that anyone who believes an embryo is life would find abortion more of an evil than sexual abuse.

This is not to say sexual abuse is not an evil. Archbishop Pell is aware of that and has been credited for producing the world's best investigation and compensation system for sexual abuse complaints while he was in charge of the Church in Melbourne.

For political leaders to publicly denounce Catholic beliefs as somehow wrong is intolerant, bigoted and certainly deserving of an apology to their Catholic voters.

Mackay, Qld

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