Archbishop Pell (letter)

Archbishop Pell (letter)

Godwin Brown

A feature in The Age (31 March 2001) by its correspondents Ray Cassin and Ian Munro, purporting to review Archbishop Pell's five-year term of office in the Melbourne Archdiocese, was truly a piece of wanton journalism with blinkers on.

Of the eight persons (including two anonymous clergy) dug out to give comment, all but one (non- committal in response) dissented from the Archbishop's promotion of orthodox Catholic teaching. There was not one mention, even grudgingly, of Dr Pell's numerous contributions to the good of the Church, State and nation.

For the Catholic community at large and the majority in the pews, however, Archbishop Pell has been a truly courageous leader in his episcopal role as teacher, priest and shepherd, befitting his motto, "Be not afraid." Although his term was brief, his efforts and the results in many areas of Church life, including the seminary, liturgy, religious education, clergy protocols, youth ministry, drug rehabilitation, etc, have been monumental.

Thanks be to God for Archbishop Pell. May His abundant blessings be upon the Archbishop in his future contributions to the universal Church and Australia.

Bentleigh, Vic

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