Appreciation for Anne Lastman

Appreciation for Anne Lastman

Errol Duke

For many years, I have had the privilege of being aware of the incredible work that Anne Lastman has done in addressing the serious issue of abortion in our Australian society.

This extraordinary Catholic lady has gone through her own issues with this journey personally (and she has expressed this story publicly), and since then, has worked tirelessly in counselling those who are in the same situation, in an effort to preserve the sanctity of life and change our thinking about God's gift of his creativeness for this and future generations.

In August 2007, I held the hand of my dear wife in death through cancer. I was in contact with Anne via email, she forwarded to me critically important advice in moving on, and it worked!

Her articles in AD2000 are so commonsense, Catholic and in conformity with Vatican teaching.

Please support her and her Victims of Abortion crusade with donations as well, so that the annual Australia-wide estimated 85,000 baby eradications can be reduced, as far our best efforts can assist.

Elizabeth East, SA

Readers can assist Anne Lastman's work, Victims of Abortion, by forwarding donations to: Victims of Abortion, PO Box 6094, Vermont South 3133, Victoria, Australia.

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