Appeal from India (letter)

Appeal from India (letter)

Kevin L. Fernandes

We are a group of Catholics, including a Catholic priest who was the Rector and still is a professor at the diocesan seminary. We have banded ourselves together because we are deeply concerned about the thousands of Catholics in Bombay (Mumbai) and other parts of India who are leaving the Church.

There are many reasons why they leave the Church. After they have left Catholic schools - where they get little knowledge of their faith - they do not touch any Catholic literature. One of the reasons is that we do not have good and attractive Catholic reading materials.

On account of this we have made many appeals in Catholic magazines like This Rock, New Covenant and Catholic Answers, asking their readers to send us their copies of used Catholic magazines and books. The response has been very encouraging and the literature is doing much good. For the first time many of our Catholics are realising the truth, beauty and riches of the Catholic Church.

We as a body, with the name, Family of Faith Foundation, have been officially recognised and "warmly encouraged" by Archbishop Ivan Dias of Bombay (just made a cardinal by Pope John Paul II). I have enclosed a copy of his letter of approval.

We have been fighting the pro- life cause since 1986 as, perhaps, the first pro-life organisation in India. Our President was the first recipient of the Lily & Rose Award from Human Life International.

Our address is 70A Hill Road, Bandra, Bombay (Mumbai) 400 050, India, tel + 642 0266.

Bombay, India

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