Anti-life politicians

Anti-life politicians

Robert Bom

Babies make the world go around. This basic knowledge seems to be escaping people from a European background. In 1960, the proportion of people of European descent represented one-quarter of the world's population. With birth control such as contraception, sterilisation and rampant abortion, it is expected that by 2050 this global share will have dropped to about ten percent.

Reductions like that - particularly through abortions - are accompanied by serious and painful consequences on economic, social and medical scales. Yet, our Australian Senate and Parliament still voted by a comfortable majority to encourage the introduction of the dubious abortion pill RU 486. Drug companies have now assumed the mantle of responsibility and have declared that they are not willing to import the pill into Australia.

At the next Federal election we need to take stock and remove from the market place the politicians who encouraged women to increase the rate of abortions. By voting for further controversial destruction these anti- life politicians have proven themselves to be useless commodities.

Rockhampton, Qld

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