Anti-Christian media

Anti-Christian media

Frank Bellet

Many of the faithful are despondent over the de-Christianisation of society and fear for the welfare of their children and grandchildren.

The arch-enemies of Christianity in general and the Catholic Church in particular (and this includes much of the media) found they could not destroy the Church through bullying or persecution, since that was merely fertiliser for the faith so, over 50 years ago, they devised a more cunning strategy.

They believed that if you cannot punch a fighter into submission, try poisoning his mouth guard. To them the first thing they had to curtail was "praying" - particularly with personal rather than the ritualistic public prayer. The way to achieve this was to progressively introduce pornography, because no-one can be devoted to prayer and addicted to pornography simultaneously.

The ones that saved themselves, whether consciously or otherwise, from this satanic juggernaut were those who continued with personal prayer, particularly of the family variety.

This theory, I believe, also includes those priests and ministers, who have gone off the track.

Besides personal prayer, if you want to resist this onslaught, e.g., such sewage as Big Brother, don't waste your time complaining to the TV stations, (they love that). Rather, hit the advertisers who sponsor this rubbish and let them know you won't buy their products any more.

Petrie, Qld

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