Anti-Catholicism (letter)

Anti-Catholicism (letter)

Frank Bellet

Reading Kevin Tighe's excellent letter on anti-Catholicism (February AD2000), I have one comment concerning his suggestion of a protest phone call to a TV station.

I believe Kevin's second suggestion of a letter to the editor should come first, and that a photocopy of the letter should then be faxed to the manager of the station. That way he realises he is reading something seen by thousands of others. The phone call - while not without its merit - is something just between the two of you.

Also, sending a copy of the newspaper letter to an offending sponsor can pay dividends, as I found out back in 1993, when I had an expensive TV commercial stopped in its tracks, by using such tactics.

And don't be put off by people defending their behaviour by accusing you of having no sense of humour, or that other hoary old chestnut, that they are Catholics, too. As I said to one such individual, "You can't tell the difference between what is humorous and what is both stupid and objectionable."

As far as claiming to be "Catholics" - during my 33 years in the media, I invariably found that the most vicious bigotry came from lapsed Catholics, apparently hung-up over the Church's laws on contraception, promiscuity or homosexuality.

Petrie, Qld

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