Anti-Catholicism (letter)

Anti-Catholicism (letter)

Kevin Tighe

A well known journalist, whose weekly column is sometimes devoted to attacking the Church, has recently done so again in the most offensive way. His latest effort is particularly vicious and deeply insulting to Catholics. As we know, he is not alone; the electronic and print media are full of examples of anti-Catholicism - ranging from the fairly innocuous jibe to full blown bigotry. The point is that no other group is so singled out.

Imagine the outcry if the sacred beliefs of Jews, Moslems or Aborigines were held up for ridicule or scorn? Catholics do not seek victim status, nor should they, but they expect equal respect as fellow citizens. It seems as though anti-Catholicism is the Last Acceptable Prejudice.

If we fail to challenge those who excoriate Catholicism, the attacks will continue. We should all defend the Church, with firmness and charity, whenever it is assaulted. A phone call to a television station or a letter to an editor are more effective than most people realise.

Despite its wholesome reputation, the Walt Disney Corporation is one of the worst offenders, not only for its "soft pornographic" movies, but for undermining Christian values, marketed under one of its subsidiaries, Miramax Productions, presumably to keep the Disney image untainted. The notoriously anti-Catholic movie, Priest, was distributed by Miramax.

More recently, in conjunction with one of the major networks, Disney produced a television series entitled Nothing Sacred, which was so offensive that the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights in the US succeeded in persuading powerful sponsors to withdraw their financial support. The series was cancelled.

For their part, the Southern Baptists (God bless them) launched an ongoing boycott against all Disney products about five years ago. It would be a good idea if Catholics were to consider a similar boycott.

Blackman's Bay, Tas

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