Anti-Catholicism (letter)

Anti-Catholicism (letter)

Glenn Talaue

In the November AD2000 letters section, Fr M. Shadbolt PP, under the heading of "War declared," writes: "In America, the Catholic League uses a website to monitor anti-Catholicism in the media and organise Catholic resistance. They have had some successes. Could something similar be done here?".

Fr Shadbolt might be interested to know that I would be more than happy to assist him - or any other interested parties - in putting up such a website. I consider this to be an important issue, as a website such as this could very well assist the Church and the media in many ways.

I dealt a lot with various softwares for a publications consulting company based in the Asia-Pacific region until I settled in Australia.

My contact details are as follows: Glenn Talaue, PO Box 318, Seymour, Victoria 3661, tel (03) 5792 2393, fax (03) 5792 3754, Email:

Seymour, Vic

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