Paula Gartland

As Kevin Donnelly points out (June AD2000) in his article on textbooks and anti-Catholicism, the blatant anti-Catholicism shown by the intelligensia (and apparatchiki) of our nation is disturbing, but I feel Donnelly goes too far in his criticism of black armband history.

One should beware of equating facile feminist and environmentalist rhetoric with valid left-wing positions.

Because one is traditional in religion does not mean one should be right-wing in politics. We have every reason to decry the invasion of this country and the alienation of its people, black and white, from the soil that is theirs by natural law. Nor should we celebrate a nationhood build on the slaughter of the unborn, the dissolution of the family and a huge and artificial unemployment. The bishops of Australia certainly seem to think so.

Albany, WA

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