Another Parish

Another Parish

Peter Gilet

For some time I have been puzzled by what has been happening in our parish in country WA: Masses held for no good reason a few kilometres out of town; a new church when the old one is still quite adequate; and lots of parish committees, meetings, and seminars, which seem to do nothing in particular.

What, I thought, is going on? The answer lies, I think, in the liberal agenda. If we have, not one parish, but a lot of little family churches, then it is easier to exclude orthodox Catholics and each group can be controlled by one or two liberals.

Similarly, if we involve people in committees and seminars, then the person who writes the agenda, runs the meeting and writes up the minutes has enormous control and can ensure that the group only speaks with a liberal voice.

Meanwhile, signs of orthodox Catholicism such as the Legion of Mary, church statues, Benediction, the tabernacle, the sacraments and even the Eucharist are removed, trivialised, jollified and generally negated.

Of course, many orthodox Catholics might leave, but while the collection money will fall, with any luck there will be ample rental property in town.

In the end the church will become a group consisting of priest, parish council and a few bemused parishioners, who now manage a considerable amount of real estate and devote themselves to warm chummy gatherings where everyone listens to the important people, and all feel good.

Perhaps that is what the liberal agenda is all about: certain people who did not receive enough attention when they were children and who are now making us all suffer for it.

Albany, WA

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