Anne Lastman's Remarkable book 'Redeeming Grief'

Anne Lastman's Remarkable book 'Redeeming Grief'

Fr Raymond Wells

Charles Francis' review of Anne Lastman's remarkable book Redeeming Grief (April AD2000) inspired me to purchase a copy.

I found it refreshing to discover a faith-filled lady sharing so positively in the healing ministry of the Church. Priests are called 'wounded healers' (Hebrews 5:1-5). Anne, too, although she doesn't share the power to dispense grace and forgiveness, can be called a wounded healer, as she shows others (over 1,000) that forgiveness is available and real because she has been there, knows their pain, and knows the embrace and forgiveness of a loving and merciful Jesus.

Anne's book is a classic - it should be in the hands of every bishop, priest, deacon, seminarian, doctor and politician. Maybe AD2000 readers could provide some of the above-mentioned people with a copy. Hopefully some of my brother priests might insert a copy of Charles Francis' review of Anne's book in their Parish Bulletin. [Editor: An excellent idea].

Taroona, Tas

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