Anne Lastman replies ...

Anne Lastman replies ...

Anne Lastman

Whilst reading the Letters Page of the February AD2000 I started having visions! Yes visions.

These visions were about colosseums, lions circling and Christians.

Mr Editor, I would like to respond to letters about me in this issue and I will do it in one letter knowing you cannot possibly publish three.

To Mrs Elizabeth Afribo, I didn't say you couldn't use your Missal, especially as you need help in order to be able to participate in the liturgy. Just that it seems to me that we can immerse ourselves in the whole mystery of the Mass and make it into a prayer. But if you need the help of your Missal, that's wonderful that you have it.

Dr Mobbs reminds me of a dog with a bone he won't let go. I have studied the Gospel of John at Masters level with one of Australia's foremost scholars, Professor Mary Coloe PVBM. I was strongly influenced by her work on John's prologue and Genesis 1.

I have also been influenced by other biblical scholars, e.g., Professor Frank Moloney SDB and Scott Hahn, just to name two, on the role of Mary.

My AD2000 article is a heavily précised version of a 5,000 word essay for which I received an HD. I have also studied deeply the Gospel of Matthew.

Mr Charles Shann said that my "statement that people who follow the Mass in their missals make lectors unnecessary". Well, don't they? Imagine: if everyone read from their Missals your charism of lector would be unnecessary. Why read when people can read for themselves? You read because not many have Missals and in many places there are no overheads.

Oh, by the way Mr Shann, I am truly glad singing has improved in your parish because of the introduced apps.

And bless you too, Mr Shann, and I am glad to hear that you have been congratulated on your firmness of view.

Glen Waverley, Vic

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