Anglican Ordinariate

Anglican Ordinariate

Bishop Harry Entwhistle

Michael Apthorp raised the question in the August issue of whether Bishop Peter Elliott has drawn the wrong conclusion regarding whether Catholics baptised outside the Ordinariate could become members of the Ordinariate.

Bishop Elliott is not mistaken. The Ordinariate will be in full organic union with the Catholic Church and therefore any Catholic is free to worship in an Ordinariate group and receive the sacraments. Similarly, any member of the Ordinariate will be able to receive Catholic sacraments in any Catholic Church in the world.

However, membership of an Ordinariate group is restricted to those reconciled to the Catholic Church through the Ordinariate, unless he or she is a baptised Catholic who belongs to a family which has members belonging to the Ordinariate.

The distinction is between those who may worship with an Ordinariate group, and that is any Catholic in the world, and those who are eligible to be 'signed up' members of the Ordinariate.

I hope this clarifies the matter.

Mount Lawley, WA

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