Anglican Church (letter)

Anglican Church (letter)

Fr James Grant SSC

The crisis that has arisen in the Anglican Church in the last 25 years is not merely an economic one but one that involves the concept of Western culture as a whole. It is our Christian belief that even if it were possible to solve all the material problems of life - poverty, unemployment and war - the highest elements of the human soul would be still be vastly dissatisfied.

Nevertheless, our society, often under the pressure of economic forces, seems only intent on lowering standards. We have made substantial progress in science, yet at the same time our cultural values have become impoverished. The Anglican Church has had its own part to play in this decay. It has become increasingly obvious that we have not sustained the beauty and riches of our own Christlan heritage and liturgy but have squandered them in an increasingly desperate effort to become relevant to a self-indulgent society.

Christianity is not served if Anglicans continue to ignore their own culture, and devote more end more of their time and effort to lowering themselves to the surrounding world in an attempt to be popular.

National Director
Forward in Faith Australia

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