An Islamic Holland? (letter)

An Islamic Holland? (letter)

Henk Verhoeven

It has been estimated that by the year 2050, half of the 0-18 age group of the Dutch population will be Muslims. It is not unreasonable, then, to consider the possibility that by 2070 half of Holland's population, descendants of Turkish and Moroccan Muslim immigrants, will be followers of Islam.

In view of the demolition of churches and the erection of mosques all over the country, that must be a reasonable assumption. Also significant is the fact that many descendants marry Muslims from the two countries their parents and grandparents left behind, thereby consolidating and reinforcing the religious and cultural bonds with the Islamic world, rather than with the country that once was an integral part of Western Christendom.

The Dutch Government was the world's first to enact full legal marriage between couples of the same sex.

I wonder whether around 2070 the Netherlands, with a Muslim-majority Government, will be the first nation to revoke the same-sex marriage legislation that was introduced last April. After all, gay marriage is prohibited by Islam which considers every same-sex union "an atrocious and obscene act which belongs to unsound nature" - as one mufti put it.

Beacon Hill, NSW

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