An exemplary priest (letter)

An exemplary priest (letter)

John Monaghan

My family has resided in the St Francis De Sales Parish, Oak Park, for approximately 15 years. My brother Peter taught at St Francis de Sales and my children have attended the school. And from my family, his and many other families in Oak Park parish, we wish to lend our praise to the work of Fr Des Byrne.

Fr Byrne was parish priest at St Francis De Sales for 32 years. Unfortunately he finished his parish work on Sunday 5 May. What has impressed me most about Fr Byrne is that he always lived the message he delivered in the pulpit. When you listened to his sermons you learned about your faith and were challenged to be holy. His sermons were well prepared, to the point, and based on a well-researched understanding of the issues and teachings of the Church.

His challenge to holiness was supported by frequent opportunities to pray and attend Mass, Novenas and confessions. Other parishes I have attended lost sight of these fundamentals.

Let us hope our parish doesn't, now that our motivational leader has left.

God bless you, Father, and thanks from the families in Oak Park.

Oak Park, Vic

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