Ambassador (letter)

Ambassador (letter)

Tom King

Thank God for the life and work of Fr Paul Stuart, Director of Vocations, Melbourne, and to AD2000 for publishing such a positive report (February).

How wonderfully refreshing was this effective disciple of Christ for those of us who languish for positives among the publications that dominate the profile of Australia's Catholic Church.

Just to have a Catholic priest prepared to present himself in clerical attire - as opposed to the great majority of our Queensland civilian-attired counterparts - was great to behold.

This relatively young ambassador of Our Lord is having the success others envy, because he has identified the folly of the "trendy revolutionaries".

How long is it since some of us were invited to attend Benediction or last heard a sermon where the positive attributes of priestly and religious life were advocated and encouraged?

It has been the failure of some local Church leaders to challenge the media and public misconceptions that most clergy and religious are sexual deviates and potential child abusers that has prompted many good and dedicated priests, nuns and brothers to opt for obscurity of dress and behaviour rather than being the visible disciples of Christ who once commanded community respect.

If the Church in Australia is not only to survive but to regain its lost perspective and very "relevance" it must foster and pray for the George Pells and Paul Stuarts who are such a credit and asset to Australia's Catholic Church.

Elanora, Qld

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